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Besse André

André Besse (1922 - 2004)

André Besse was born in 1922 in Paris France. He is the son of Raymond Besse a renowned French painter of the time. Besse is a self-taught artist, he began painting in 1958 while pursuing a theatrical carrer. From his debut, he succeeded in exhibiting in establish places in France. The Club des clubs, saint-Augustin Street in Paris, Chateau de Blois, Galerie Sainte-Rustique in Paris and the Galerie d’Art Alain Durvil in Barbizon. He participated to the salon official des artistes français and the Salon d’hiver du Grand Palais in Paris. He was member of the Fédération des Arts graphiques et plastiques and the Union des Créateurs français. In 1964 he emigrated to Canada where he participated to numerous group and solo exhibitions including the following galleries: Michel de Kerdour, Québec; Minigal, Montreal; Colissimo, San Meteo, California; Ira Roberts, Beverly Hills, California; Manoir Richelieu, La Malbaie and Galerie Josette Tilmant, Saint-Sauveur-des Monts.