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Blier Jean-Marc

Jean-Marc Blier (1921-1994)

Jean-Marc BLIER was born on July 24, 1921, in Saint-Éleuthère, in the county of Kamouraska, Quebec. The son of a carpenter, he initially divided his time between furniture making and painting, eventually dedicating himself entirely to his art.


Blier had been drawing and painting since a young age, taking evening classes and later attending the School of Fine Arts in Montreal. After the Second World War, where he served as a lieutenant in the Canadian army, he worked with his father in the family business and then served as a factory manager for about a decade. Throughout this period, he continued to paint and even succeeded in exhibiting his paintings at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (1952-53). Towards the late 1960s, he decided to leave his factory job and devote all of his time to painting.


Blier exhibited his work at the Palais Montcalm in Quebec; in 1970 at the Centre d'Art du Mont-Royal in Montreal; in 1973 at the Georges Dor Gallery in Longueuil, at the Foyer des Arts at Eaton in Montreal; in 1974, and at the Centre Culturel de Verdun, among others. Several of his works are found in collections in America and Europe.