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Deschamps Luc

Luc Deschamps (1961 – 1921)

Luc Deschamps was born in Ottawa (Ontario) in 1961. He is a self-taught artist that has been interested in painting since his childhood. His mostly known for his urban scenes of Montréal and the Ottawa region. Deschamps traveled often between these two cities to draw sketches on location that he reproduces on canvas of different formats once he got back to his studio. This method allowed him to capture the feel of the moment at the scene while giving him the freedom to interpret the painting through the impression it made on him.   

Deschamps participated in numerous group exhibitions and solo shows including at: La Maison du Citoyen, Hull, Théatre de l’île Hull, Maison de la culture Gatineau and Centre communautaire Perkins. His work has been featured in Magazin'art, the biennial directory of Canadian artists in galleries for the 2000-2001 edition and His paintings can be found in numerous public and private collections around the world.