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Klapschinski Walter

Walter Klapschinski (1938-)


‎Born in Bremen, Germany, this Polish-born artist studied at the renowned Küsnst Akademie in Dusseldorf, Westphalia. And after working in Europe, he moved to Quebec in 1959. As soon as he arrived, he was conquered by the urban landscape of the old capital and its surroundings, which he never ceased to paint in all seasons. Very versatile by nature, he immortalized many scenes from the four corners of his new country, in addition to painting many portraits, murals, and still lifes. After periods of naturalist and realist, he now likes a more impressionist style, which offers him more freedom of interpretation. He exhibited mainly in his city, Quebec City, and in Montreal, Vancouver and Ottawa.‎


‎You will find his paintings in the homes and galleries of Europe and America, New Orleans and Vancouver. ‎

‎ His murals can be seen on the walls of several buildings in Quebec City, as well as on the walls of Canadian Army officers at Raastatt in BaleWürttemberg.‎