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Leblanc Albini

Albini Leblanc (1947-)


Born in 1947 in Baie des Chaleurs, Québec. After classical studies in Cap-Rouge, he received a degree in Physical Education from the Université Laval, in 1971. For some years, he did portraits, learning the techniques by himself, the he tried oil painting, first with a brush, then with a spatula. Around 1985, he took classes in linear drawing, colors and painting at the Mission Renaissance school in Montréal, followed by a watercolor course at Galerie L’Art vivant.

After graduating from university, Leblanc went back home where he taught for 13 years while still drawing and painting. In 1984 he abandoned teaching, sold his house and settled in Montreal with his family to earn his living in practicing his art. Since 1979 he held many exhibitions in Gaspésie, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Montreal.