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Lecor Paul (Tex)

Born in 1933 in St-Michel -de-de Wentworth, north of Montreal City. His father was from Brittany, France, and came to Canada as a Jesuit missionary, became a painter, served in the Canadian Army overseas and was wounded during the first world war. Tex attended the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Montreal where he studied under Jacques de Tonnancour. During the summers he operated tourist boats at Gaspé. He earned his captain’s papers and spent some time in the merchant marine serving first at the age of eighteen on the Great Lakes ship. He is also known as a singer, song writer, TV host and comedian. He has written over 118 songs. At home in the country, he prefers to work outdoors. He often makes trips to the North West Territories in a plane which he owns, and flies himself. His subjects reflect two of his greatest passions: the people of Quebec and the solitude of the wilderness. Gilles Brown once noted, “…he has an extraordinary sense of drawing, a good mastery of composition, color and displays a fantastic imagination.” Another patron noted, “… his vision of the land is unmistakably Canadian, but it is more unmistakably his own. His realism is bold and imaginative; at times sombre, at times playful, it is always enhanced by the wealth of personal experience he brings to his craft.”

Tex Lecor passed away on September 9th 2017 from complications due to the legionary disease.


Source: A Dictionary of Canadian Artists, Colin S. Macdonald, Vol 3.