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Main Stuart

Stuart Main (1934-)

Born in 1934 in East Angus, Québec’s Eastern Township. Stuart Main is a self-taught artist; he completed a course in illustration with the International Correspondence Schools. In 1957 he worked for Ad-Art Studios in Montreal and continued painting with the mentoring of his friend Dave Ranson. Later Stuart worked as an illustrator with Rapid Grip & Batten. In 1969 he bought a farm in the Eastern Townships where he moved permanently with his family in 1972.

Stuart began landscape painting in 1975, inspired by painters Bruce Ledain and Terry Tomalty. Each spring since late 1970’s he traveled to Charlevoix to paint meet and interact with other artists of the region.

Stuart works with oil. His work portrays the landscape primarily of the Eastern Townships, the Charlevoix, the Saguenay, and the countryside around Montreal’s south shore.

He is inspired by the colors of early spring and late autumn, and Québec’s rural architectural heritage. He also painted western inspired landscapes. Stuart has been a frequent participant in art symposiums and charity auctions and sold his work in many galleries in Canada and in the USA.