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Mauro Mario

Mario Mauro (1920 – 1985)

Mauro is a Canadian artist born in September 1920 in Rivignano, Italy, he arrived in Canada after the second world war and established in Quebec in 1950. His interest in painting started at a very young age. He studied drawing, mosaic, and painting at the Spillibergo Academy and later at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. His career as a painter really started when he arrived in Quebec, initially focused on religious art. For 17 years, he worked in churches across several Canadian provinces, creating numerous frescoes, mosaics, and stained-glass windows.

He then changed his subjects to the Canadian landscapes, captivated by the beauty of the Canadian nature more specifically the Charlevoix region, he spent the remaining of his career painting scenes of the Charlevoix townships. Mario Mauro held several solo exhibitions, notably in Quebec, Montreal, and Ottawa. His works can be found in numerous public and private collections in both Canada and the United States.