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Pfeiffer Gordon

Gordon Edward Pfeiffer (1899 - 1983)


Born in 1899 Quebec City. Gordon began painting at the age of twelve under A. Bonham, a Quebec art teacher. He was educated at Quebec High School, Stanstead College, Rochester and Harvard Universities. In painting he was however self-taught although he was coached by friends including Horatio Walker (Ile d’Orléans), William Glackens (New York), André Biélier (Kingston), Robert Pilot (Montréal), René Richard (Baie St. Paul), Lieulf Claussen (Denmark), Dewey Albinson (Minneapolis) and others. He began painting seriously in 1925 while also working for his father. He became general manager of the firm in 1928 but following his father’s death he sold the business to spend more time painting. Gordon Pfeiffer painted rural Quebec in all its seasons, he also painted in other regions of Canada and the United States. Viewing his 1966 show at the Arts Club of Montreal, a Gazette writer noted, “Pfeiffer is a painter with insatiable appetite for the Canadian landscape. In his present collection the interest centres on the most eastern Appalachians, the Long-Range Mountains of Newfoundland. A romantic at heart, Pfeiffer relishes the dramatic settings of massive ridges against crystal-clear skies from which all moisture seems swept up by juicy clouds, sailing on brisk Atlantic breezes.

Some of his favorite painting spots included Old Quebec, the Lower St. Lawrence, Gaspé Peninsula, the Maritimes, and Newfoundland. He also painted in England, Ireland, and other countries.

Pfeiffer held numerous solo and group exhibitions all around Canada and his work is represented in many public and corporate collections.